School Vouchers

School Resource Officers

Insurance Mandate

Condo Conversions

Playground Insurance

Fighting for our veterans, our police, our firefighters,
our children, our schools, our teachers and you!

Proud to serve on the
following committees:

  • Veterans and Military Affairs Committee
  • Education Committee
  • K-12 Education Sub-Committee
  • Higher Education Workforce Sub-Committee

This campaign differs from my previous ones because, having served two years, I now have a greater insight into what is possible in Tallahassee and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, what is corrupt and driven by behind-the-scenes money and what seems to be from the heart and intended to help and serve Floridians.

The Capitol is a hallowed place, but tainted by some that seem to pride themselves on not only being clever – but in being devious. Every member there has fought their way in – and they have to use those honed skills to accomplish what they feel are their priorities. For some it is a self-serving drive to rise to power, for others it is to pass legislation that will benefit those that have recently employed them, promoted them, or will reward them. And, for others, it is to truly serve the people.

I serve you.

I do what I feel is right for the people in my district. I measure how it will impact the state of Florida. I weigh the constitutionality of the choices. I look at the fiscal impact and I try to make the ethical choice even if it might conflict with my own moral fiber because as your representative, I don’t represent just me; I don’t work for a party; and, I don’t carry the water for special interests. I work for you.

As you read through my information and as you look at my voting record, I hope you will agree that while I may not have voted with you on every issue, I read the bills and voted based on what is actually in the bill as well as what is cleverly hidden in the bill. Most bills have good and bad. Often the choice is based on how important is the good and can we live with the bad.

I am very honored to represent you.

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